I grew up in Topeka, Kansas and recieved a BA in Anthropology (with an emphasis on "Semiotics in Brazilian Tribes" - yikes!) from the University of Kansas.  After graduating, I worked on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.  In 1992 I moved to Albuquerque, NM and worked at a disasterous job for nine months before finally turning in the CEO to the FBI for embezzelment!
  In 1996 I moved to the South Bay area of California and took a class in making glass beads.  I was entranced by the movement and flow of the molten glass and the effects you could achieve.  I have been making glass beads for 11 years and a few years ago started to feel very limited that I could not do anything with them other than string them.  I took a weekend silversmithing  class from my friend Kristin Deiner to figure out how to set a ring with a bead.  A few days after the class, I purchased my own torch, saws, etc.  I was so taken with the possibilities!! 
  So, here I am with two VERY distinct styles of jewelry - and loving it! On the bead side, I am able to indulge my love of color, texture and humor - and of course my love for making glass beads!  On the silver side I am able to indulge my love for quirky Victorian cutouts, small advertising knik knacks, vintage prints, photos, costume jewelry and the wonderful attention to detail of anything manufactured 100 years ago - and now I have justification for buying them!!!- and something to do with them!! 
Although many of my pieces incorporate items meaningful to the person for whom the piece is made, everything is made with humor, love, and the unexpected in mind.  I hope you enjoy my work!!!

Contact info:  elliemacmac@gmail.com