Paris Subway Station

My favorite one to date - I know I have said that about some of the other pieces on this site but this time I really mean it! 

When I begin a piece, I have no idea what it is going to look like (I know that sounds rather odd).  I start with a buckle...a wonderful, fabulous, amazing vintage buckle and then start pulling other elements in that seem like they asthetically go with the buckle.  I pull more things than I need and lay them all out on white paper and then start to play with them...should the buckle be vertical or horizontal?...should there be a neutral background or busy or furry?...etc.  When everything is just right, I stick little balls of tacky clay on the back of each element and lay them on the paper and trace around them with a pencil.  I remove the elements and am left with an outline of the elements.  I lay a sheet of sterling silver down over the element outline and trace the borders of the silver sheet so that I know my size constraints.  Then I begin to sketch a design around the elements outline.  When the shape of the piece is done, it is a total suprise!  The top shape of this with the lotus blossom and undulating lines of the leaves reminded me of those amazing Art Nouveau iron subway entrances in Paris...thus the name. 

Vintage Bakalite die, vintage earring, vintage rhinestone buckle, cow fur, metal bee pin, garnet, sterling silver.

$1,300         SOLD