Mink Ear Puffs

VINTAGE mink (please do not call me and tell me how awful I am for using animal fur - this mink is 50 years old) ear puffs. 

I went to the Santa Fe Opera sale a few months ago (if you are ever in Santa Fe during this sale you must go!!  It is fabulous!  They sell old sets, props, and costumes used in operas) and picked up a piece of mink - had no idea what I would do with it but loved the color and texture.  I went through a mink obsession a few weeks ago and came up with these earrings and a couple of necklaces - see "Somebody's Watching You". 

Mink, oxidized sterling, 14 kt gold

Note:  These earrings are best on people with light colored hair - I wore them to a party and no one could even tell I had on earrings!


Available at Mariposa Gallery (see ordering info)