Cathedral of Thorns Necklace

My work was in a show at the Kentucky Museum of Craft last year and I wanted to come up with some really over the top pieces.  This is one of the pieces and quite honestly, I think it pretty much rocks!  It is a limited edition series of 15.  Three have sold so far; if you are interested in one, please contact Mariposa Gallery or La Mesa Gallery (see ordering info) and one can be made for you - all are one of a kind.

P.S.  "Cathedral of Thorns" comes from me watching the National Geographic Channel while I was stringing this and they were showing this amazing Cathedral of Thorns Starfish and I thought "Hey!  That bears a resemblence to this necklace!!!" 

Also, if you would like to see this necklace on someone, go to the Studio page of this website and scroll down to my friend Jamie - her husband bought the one pictured for her for Mother's Day!

Glass beads, citrine, peridot, garnet, amethyst, blue topaz, sterling.